This is how the Honey Badger inspired our company values.



Resilient and unyielding, the honey badger has hard-earned its reputation as the pound-for-pound champion of the African wilderness.

They are renowned for their courage and determination; boldly facing any challenge that may come across their path.


Always on the move and ever opportunistic, they are energetic and driven – tirelessly working day and night to achieve their goals.


Nature’s original earth moving animal, the Honey Badger is an expert excavator – notoriously uncovering opportunities which to others, may not be obtainable when only scouting the surface.


Inventive and intelligent beings, they are able to innovate and solve problems. They get the job done, regardless of the complications they may face – each challenge is a chance to win.


While South Africa can be a tough wilderness to conquer, Honey Badgers set themselves apart from their peers by their ability to consistently adapt and thrive in diverse and challenging environments.


Honey badgers are clearly unlike any other creature in their territory. At PakPal, so are we.

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